How do I setup Wirecast 4?

Open Wirecast Application

Navigate to “broadcast menu”.
Select “Broadcast Settings…”

Click “Open FMLE XML File”

Navigate to the XML file that you were sent with your Welcome Email from TruthCasting.

Change “Encoder Preset:” to “Streaming Media Hosting: Flash High”

Delete everything after the word “high” including the semi-colon (;) in the “Stream:” section

Now click the “Plus Sign” to add a new stream. (This is your second stream. It serves mobile devices)

Then change the “Encoder Preset:” to “Streaming Media Hosting: Mobile Low”

Then make sure your “Stream:” is set.

(note: the only difference between your High and Low Stream name is the word “high” and “low” at the end of your long random character stream name. )

Last, you will need to set you username and password for each Stream in by clicking on the “Set Credentials” button and entering them.

Reminder, once you have a successful broadcast, please save your profile in Wirecast.

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