Live Streaming with Wirecast 5

For those Looking to stream with greater production value we recommend Wirecast 5

WirecastMainOpen Wirecast and in the top menu bar select “Output” then “Output Settings”

Choose the “RTMP Server Option”


Once selected you will be asked to choose an Encoding Preset. Choose the setting appropriate to your cameras and internet speed. We recommend VGA for those with Standard Resolution cameras and either 360p or 720p for our users with an HD setup. If you have a question about which resolution to use feel free to contact us here.




Then Choose “Open FMLE XML File”

Navigate to the .Xml file attached to your “Welcome to TruthCasting” Email


The Address with be automatically set

Stream will need to be modified. Scroll through the stream name until you see the word “high”

delete everything after the word high including the “;”

Click “Set Credentials” and enter your Username and Password found in your “Welcome to TruthCasting” Email

This is your Desktop Stream.

Click the “Add” on the lower left side (This will duplicate the record)

In the Stream name, change the word “high” to “low”

Change the encoding preset to 360p if it is not already.

This is your mobile stream for iOS and some Android Devices

Click “OK” to save


To Add a camera shot, hover over the “+” button (1) then choose your camera (2)

Please make sure any needed camera drivers or software are installed before performing this step or the cameras might not show up

Wirecast Truthcasting_2

Other Important areas in Wirecast (See image below)

1. Preview Window – See what shot is next

2. Live Window – See what you are broadcasting

3. Current Shots – This could be graphics, camera, prerecorded audio or video clips.

4. This button advances the preview shot to Live

5. Add a new shot

6. Stream – Start and Stop your stream here

7. Record – Start and stop your local recording independently of your stream

8. Stats – See how your internet, CPU and Memory are handling your stream. If these are too high you may need to reduce your encoding presets.


To Setup a Local recording of your stream

Click “Output” in the Menu bar then “Output settings”

Choose “Record to Disk”

Choose the Recording Preset you would like to use. For our HD users we recommend 720p and for our SD users we recommend VGA

Choose where you would like to save the recording

Click “OK” to Save

Wirecst_Output Settings

Choose “File” -> “Save” to Save your profile


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