Why do my video uploads keep failing?

If you are using the TruthCasting Uploader I would encourage you to close all browser windows. Open one and clear your cache using the steps in the link below
Then, with a single window open, start the TruthCasting Uploader and go through the upload process in truthcasting.com/admin.
Please make sure your file names do not have any special characters like %$@?-“
We would also encourage you to use our dropbox upload feature. Find more details here
Recommended Video size/format
MP3:  64kbps mono
SD:  bitrate = 600kbps 64kbps AAC stereo h.264 .mp4
720p:  bitrate = 1800kbps 192kbps AAC stereo h.264 .mp4
1080p:  bitrate = 2500kbps 192kbps AAC stereo h.264 .mp4

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